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The Game is a liar

Welcome to the game page for Differentiation Game. This short game was made for the occasion of the #CommunityGameJam. The theme given to participants was "The Game is a Liar", which inspired us to make a game about discerning lies from truth. Here is the gist of the plot: You are trapped in a facility built by an Artifical Intelligence that you built and that knocked you out 3 years ago. Why? You told it that it could never be a human, and it tends to disagree. Ensues a mind game inspired from the Turing Test where the AI makes statements that you must qualify as lies or truth, as that is an ability the AI believes only humans possess. But it would seem that the AI is not as harsh as you think....


This game was made by ma9ici4n ( https://ma9ici4n.itch.io/) on art and LilNarwhal (real name Mathis Duguin, https://lilnarwhal.itch.io/) on programming and sounds. If you have any questions about the game, you can contact us or simply leave a comment :) !

Install instructions

You simply need to extract all on the zip file, and launch the "Differentiation Game" executable.


Differentiation Game 29 MB


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Thank you ma9ici4n . I finished the game with one wrong yay!

I really enjoyed it. Don't really have anything to criticize about. ^__^

Thank you for playing through it all! I hope you enjoyed it.

I tried the game,but I got stuck on the code level

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there are many different codes in the game. If you want me to tell you the answer then sure. I have to admit, some of them are really difficult and I am not really happy with them but we didn't have time left to redo them.

no thanks. btw, I really like the music and the graphics.

Thank you very much.

Hi, I was wondering if you had time to check out my game, it's my first complete game and I would love some feedback. Thanks.

I definitely will! I just got back and ill have time to rate games soon.

Wow im already stuck on the code

I can help you with the answer but you have to tell me wich code you got stuck on.

The first one “What even is the meaning of life “

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the code is 0042. it is from a popular book/movie. if you just google "the meaning of life" you wil find it quickly

oh ok thanks

if you have any other questions feel free to ask me.

I made the art :D It was a pleasure to work with you.