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The gist of it

This is a puzzle game which consists of moving blocks. As a player, you have four moves: up, down, right or left. With these moves, you shift gravity and slide the blocks alongside it. Your goal is to move blocks to their corresponding lit tile (and to hopefully, enjoy yourself).

Contact me

If you like this game (which I actually made a little while back but just never uploaded anywhere), please, send me feedback. You can either do it here on itch.io, or send me an email at mathisduguin@gmail.com, or add me on discord at Little Narwhal#7404.


Install instructions

The game should not require much effort to be installed. All you need to do is unzip the "Final" folder, and run Flummblox.exe. This was made with Unity, so if there are any problems, maybe you'll need to install Unity but I doubt it.


Flummblox.zip 49 MB

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